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Jack Becker Leadership

Our History

Jack Becker started Jack Becker Distributors in 1956 after being a World War II fighter pilot and then working for Kendall Motor Oil as a territory manager. He was offered the Kendall distributorship in Jacksonville, Florida and the company is now one of the largest multi-brand lubricant distributors in Florida.

Duane Rowland, the current Owner and Chairman began working for Jack in 1979 as a Sales Representative. With the common principles of honesty, integrity and service that made Jack Becker a success, the company continues to grow under his leadership. At Jack Becker Distributors we dedicate ourselves to being more than a supplier.

We want to help our customers succeed by providing unsurpassed service and expertise in the field of lubricants.

Mission Statement

At Jack Becker Distributors, we pride ourselves on being more than a supplier; much more. We aim to help your business achieve success by providing unsurpassed service and technical expertise in the field of lubricants. We accomplish this, first, by having the largest inventory of any distributor of lubricants in the region, serving an area that stretches north to Savannah, west to Pensacola and south to Melbourne, and we deliver freight-free on our normal schedule. We sell only the finest in premium lubricants and we deliver product how YOU need it, from cases to 6,500 gallon tankers.

Jack Becker Warehouse

Company Values

At Jack Becker Distributors, Inc. we believe:

  • In treating our customers, employees and suppliers with respect.
  • In giving our employees the tools and training they need to excel.
  • In keeping our delivery equipment and warehouse facilities modern and clean.
  • In giving back to the community that provides for our success.
  • In preserving the environment for future generations.