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CHILLY TODAY, NOT TOMORROW… Posted on Categories Automotive Engine, Technical Support

More than 40% of all heavy duty engine failures are coolant related. Are you installing the proper coolant in your fleet vehicles? Are you performing the necessary maintenance to these highly critical systems?

Improper coolant and/or maintenance will almost assuredly cause wet sleeve cylinder liner pitting, corrosion, hard water scale and phosphate/silicate dropout. Of these problems, none are conducive to failure‐free operation. Downtime hits the bottom line.

No major heavy duty engine manufacturer has used silicate (green), or fully‐formulated coolant (pink), as a factory fill since 2010. In today’s world, only extended life, or organic acid, coolants are considered ‘modern’ technology. Simply put, they save you money. OAT coolants eliminate the need for additives or pre‐charged filters and eliminate the need for traditional annualized coolant flushes. Average lifetime savings per unit = 60% … on coolant related costs alone!

Save your business valuable time and money. Convert and maintain your fleet today. Call and let us offer you a ONE MILLION MILE solution, backed by a written warranty.

Tom Abbate

Senior Sales Representative

Jack Becker Distributors