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Do you run Tier 4 Machinery in the field?   Are you aware that unlike other fuels and fluids, diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, is highly susceptible to contamination from direct and airborne sources?  Contamination can be very costly to your operation both financially and in terms of lost productivity.

Jack Becker Distributors is the regional expert when it comes to handling DEF for off-road use.  We can deliver up to 5,500 gallons of DEF in a single delivery, allowing for fast deliveries at your worksite.

Our dedicated transport tankers are constructed from high grade stainless steel to specifically address the requirements of DEF as defined by ISO 22241.  Using non-approved materials in the handling and/or dispensing process would likely contaminate the product and may result in failure of your equipment.

We also employ a variety of innovative delivery features, including an isolated pumping system with speed and flow control to prevent transfer breakdowns and dry-break connections to limit our spillage.

Just remember that downtime and repairs can be considerably expensive.  Our absolutely FREE business consultation service can save you from experiencing these undesirable costs.  Call us today.  Schedule an on-site visit from one of our fully-trained diesel exhaust fluid professionals.  We can help your business.

Blake Rowland
Sales Representative
Jack Becker Distributors