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Titanium and Teflon – Not Just for Super Heroes Posted on Categories Automotive Engine

Do you know what materials are compatible with diesel exhaust fluid? If not, you risk large scale contamination of the catalyst systems within your commercial fleet.

Titanium and Teflon are two of only a handful of compatible materials. The most common is stainless steel, but only certain grades. Contact between DEF and incompatible surfaces will result in contamination of the fluid. End result = catalyst failure. It only takes a few parts per million to cause a catastrophic failure, an unannounced, unplanned one.

Selective Catalytic Reduction is a simple system. Its design is to break down emissions produced by diesel engines into nitrogen and water. However simple it may be, cleanliness is paramount.

The most important quality of DEF is its purity. It’s important to you and your operation to work with a supplier that can ensure you operate efficiently. Jack Becker Distributors KNOWS the difference between compatible and incompatible materials. We focus on product quality, immediate availability and technical expertise. Call us today for a free ‘no obligation’ business review.

Tommy Clark, Sales Representative
Jack Becker Distributors