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Cinderella’s Slippers Posted on Categories Automotive Engine, Customer Service, Lubricant

Today, more than ever, it’s important to have a proper fit with your business partners. There are so many options, look no further than a Google search to find a lengthy list. And, of course, all of them are quick to offer that they are the fabled glass slipper. Here’s the truth, you need to do a little research, look for signs of professionalism … durability, capability, expansion and honesty. These are the tell-tale signs that lead to the right relationship.

Durability … Jack Becker Distributors has a long history, dating back to 1956. Jack Becker was a distinguished US Navy World War II fighter pilot. He survived numerous aerial encounters in the Pacific, against Japanese forces. Upon startup, we were a Kendall distributor. Years have passed and a variety of brands have been added. Yet our legacy of proud service remains. Our name is synonymous with excellence … for well over 60 years.

Capability … Our Jacksonville, Florida distribution center allows warehouse pick-up and ‘no charge’ delivery route service throughout North Florida, South Georgia and Southeast Alabama. Our storage capabilities exceed 400,000 gallons of bulk lubricant products, antifreeze and diesel exhaust fluid plus a wide variety of packaged goods. Our average “readily available’ stock value is greater than $6,000,000. In addition, all our field personnel have OEM authorizations certifications in a variety of brands and product specialties. We work hard to ensure you’re getting the absolute best service in the business.

Expansion … We started with Kendall and have added AeroShell, BlueDEF, Castrol, Liqui Moly, Maximo, Motorcraft, Pennzoil, Shell and many others. We’ve never rested on our accolades. Over the years, we’ve gone through wartime economics, Middle East oil embargoes, recessionary periods and a period of high prices due to speculative market action. Yet, we kept moving, never looking back. Adding more warehouse space, buying new delivery vehicles, educating our staff in the latest technology. Many times, we’ve exceeded OEM goals and won national awards. All with a common goal in mind … excellence.

Honesty … Accept no substitute. You don’t deserve any less. It’s a core belief for us and it’s paramount to a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. We are the trusted delivery partner for Ford, Lincoln, Honda and Acura within our coverage area, for good reason. Our approach to business. We have your needs in front of us always.

Join us at Jack Becker Distributors. We are the right fit for your company.

Jim Gamble, Director of Marketing
Jack Becker Distributors