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Do you know that finished lubricants expire? Yes, lubricants do have a shelf life. At times, this information is stated on the packaging and/or containers. Other times, there is a simply a batch code that only Batman can read. Most lubricants have an average shelf life, with proper storage, of three to four years. Remember, if the seal is broken, it’s suspect already.

Here’s a few tips to help you determine if a finished lubricant is fit for use:
– Excess sediment or ‘solids’ appearing to be out of suspension.
– A foggy, milky or hazy appearance.
– An unusually strong or highly aromatic odor.
– A change in viscosity not associated with temperature.

Here’s a few pointers for proper storage and to help maximize shelf life:
– Always store in tightly sealed, opaque containers.
– Keep away from water and high humidity environments.
– Use dust and dirt free storage areas.

Proper inventory management will insure you are maximizing your lubricant investment. Call us at Jack Becker Distributors today, learn how we can help.

Pierce Moore, Sales Representative
Jack Becker Distributors