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Are you treating your fleet like it will last forever? The secret to getting the most out of your fleet is monitoring components and identifying warning signs before small issues become costly failures.

Most catastrophic failures can be predicted, and thus avoided, through monitoring fluid contaminants. It is as simple as using an oil and fluid analysis program. Repairs are inevitable and the cost of parts, labor and downtime can be drastically reduced when they are done as a result of fluid analysis, and not sudden failure.

A breakdown while the equipment is in service is usually due to poor maintenance and oversight practices.

Here are two key examples:

Seal failures, damaged cylinder liners, and blown gaskets are often cause by glycol contamination. Glycol lowers oil viscosity which can increase engine wear. It can cause sludge leading to blocked filters. This damage, however, is done over time and can be avoided using simple fluid analysis.

Injector issues and improper combustion can lead to excessive fuel dilution. This can lead to oil additive depletion and cause loss of corrosion protection. It adversely affects oil viscosity leading to deposits, and premature wear on engine components.

Fluid analysis can extend the average life of a fleet by hundreds of thousands of miles, while reducing maintenance and replacement while. Successful fleet managers know that the first step in fleet maintenance is participation in a fluid analysis program. Once implemented, they never look back.

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