Moldy Bread and Sour Milk…

Do you know that finished lubricants expire? Yes, lubricants do have a shelf life. At times, this information is stated on the packaging and/or containers. Other times, there is a simply a batch code that only Batman can read. Most lubricants have an average shelf life, with proper storage, of three to four years. Remember, if the seal is broken, it’s suspect already.
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Cinderella’s Slippers

Today, more than ever, it’s important to have a proper fit with your business partners. There are so many options, look no further than a Google search to find a lengthy list. And, of course, all of them are quick to offer that they are the fabled glass slipper. Here’s the truth, you need to do a little research, look for signs of professionalism … durability, capability, expansion and honesty. These are the tell-tale signs that lead to the right relationship.
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